14 Jul 18:00 - 24 Jul 21:00 - Manali
Manali, Himachal Pradesh


Cycling is one fine mode to transport you from one place to another, and let’s face it- it’s probably one of the most fun sports activities to undertake. The first reason why it is so much fun is that it requires just the bare minimum to undertake. All that you need is your cycle to take you through one of the best experiences. If you add on an exquisite natural trail through picturesque locations, the cycling experience becomes one of its kinds and the most cherished one for a long time. The Manali to Leh cycling expedition perhaps does just this to the participating cyclists. With most of the cycling stretch positioned at almost 14000feet above sea level, the experience is both challenging and delightful for the cyclists.

Past Events

Rohtang Epic - KOM Challenge

02 Sep 07:00 - 12:00 02 Sep 07:00 - 12:00 - Manali Manali
Manali, Himachal Pradesh Manali, Himachal Pradesh
The Hell Race has come up climbing-only races or in Strava’s terminology, KOMs, on some of the well-known passes and climbs in India. To start with and to see the enthusiasm for...   More info

משלחת טיפוס לדאו טיבה- צפון ההימאליה ההודית

20 Sep 09:00 - 04 Oct 12:00 20 Sep 09:00 - 04 Oct 12:00 - Manali Manali
Manali, Himachal Pradesh Manali, Himachal Pradesh
יעד המשלחת- הטיפוס להר ה דאו-טיבה , אחד ההרים הגבוהים ביותר מעל קרחון מלאנה, מתחיל בטרק יפיפה בדרך אל בסיס ההר וממשיך במסלול טיפוס אלפיני טכני מגוון וקשה, בתנאי גובה (A.H) ובסביבה...   More info

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