NLP Practitioner Certification Program

NLP Practitioner Certification Program

14 Jul 09:30 - 18:00 - Ahmedabad
Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad


What is NLP, and how does it benefit you?

This is the most power-packed, intensive, and useful training you could ever be exposed to. This class goes beyond the jargon of NLP and shows you the secrets of how NLP really works. You will learn and master the NLP techniques that have made NLP famous. We use NLP to teach NLP- in plain, everyday English!!! Have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change NOW!!!

5 days Workshop in July 2018 at Ahmedabad.
Dates: 14th (Saturday)
15th (Sunday)
20th (Friday)

21st (Saturday)
22nd Sunday)

You will experience profound transformation in this intensive, power-packed course. NLP enables rapid change, and you will learn rapidly!

Sanket Gaikwad, a Mumbai based senior marketing professional who learned NLP from Seema says “Seema was so attuned to the subject that by the end of the program all of us were volunteers of NLP. A subject matter expert, she made the process so simple that it was fun to learn and experience the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming’

The basic tools and techniques of NLP that you will master, are a must for anyone who works with people, whether you are a coach, counselor, therapist, teacher, trainer or leader. NLP is also tremendously useful for individuals who seek peak performance such as athletes and performing artists because of its application in mind and body conditioning.

You will learn the tools of how to make this rapid-change technology a reality. This is an intensive, hands-on experience.

Why you need to 'Get This Certification NOW'
>International Accreditation
>Adds credibility to you as a serious professional
>Powerful tools of mind and body conditioning
>Techniques to Transform your life and that of people around you

In NLP you develop basic skills to enhance your journey to success.

You will learn to:
Be your best in tough situations, all the time.
Turn problems and obstacles into springboards for super success.
Speed up your learning in any field.
Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel and act.
Successfully get your message across, every time.
Detect patterns in human behavior
See and hear more efficiently as you improve your sensory acuity.
Learn to model yourself based on characteristics common among high achievers.
Recognize how other people respond to you.
Defuse tense situations.
Understand where your competition is coming from.
Use objections to improve your communications.

Why you should 'Take Action NOW'
Remove the emotional charge from unpleasant memories.
Eliminate and remove difficulties in your work and personal life by recognizing and altering the patterns that create them.
Be able to build rapport with anyone.
Control almost any situation.
Improving and using states of mind.
Catapult yourself to great success using the secrets of managing your emotional states.
Create useful states of mind, and use the best states of mind at the worst of times.
Break out of unwanted emotional states of mind at will.

Have your best resources available to you anytime you need them, by developing your personal circle of excellence!

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